Brackish Underwater Dataset

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Aalborg University

October 2020


CC BY 4.0

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Object Detection

Example image from the dataset

Dataset Information

This dataset contains 14,674 images (12,444 of which contain objects of interest with bounding box annotations) of fish, crabs, and other marine animals. It was collected with a camera mounted 9 meters below the surface on the Limfjords bridge in northern Denmark by Aalborg University.


Roboflow has extracted and processed the frames from the source videos and converted the annotations for use with many popular computer vision models. We have maintained the same 80/10/10 train/valid/test split as the original dataset.

The class balance in the annotations is as follows:
Class Balance

Most of the identified objects are congregated towards the bottom of the frames.

Annotation Heatmap

More Information

For more information, see the Detection of Marine Animals in a New Underwater Dataset with Varying Visibility paper.

If you find the dataset useful, the authors request that you please cite their paper:

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