Open Poetry Vision Dataset

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Brad Dwyer

April 2020


CC BY 4.0

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The Open Poetry Vision dataset is a synthetic dataset created by Roboflow for OCR tasks.

It combines a random image from the Open Images Dataset with text primarily sampled from Gwern's GPT-2 Poetry project. Each image in the dataset contains between 1 and 5 strings in a variety of fonts and colors randomly positioned in the 512x512 canvas. The classes correspond to the font of the text.

Example Image:
Example Image

Use Cases

A common OCR workflow is to use a neural network to isolate text for input into traditional optical character recognition software. This dataset could make a good starting point for an OCR project like business card parsing or automated paper form-processing.

Alternatively, you could try your hand using this as a neural font identification dataset. Nvidia, amongst others, have had success with this task.

Using this Dataset

Use the fork button to copy this dataset to your own Roboflow account and export it with new preprocessing settings (perhaps resized for your model's desired format or converted to grayscale), or additional augmentations to make your model generalize better. This particular dataset would be very well suited for Roboflow's new advanced Bounding Box Only Augmentations.

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