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2020-07-12 12:31am

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Available Download Formats

CreateML JSON format is used with Apple's CreateML and Turi Create tools.
Pascal VOC XML
Common XML annotation format for local data munging (pioneered by ImageNet).
YOLO Darknet TXT
Darknet TXT annotations used with YOLO Darknet (both v3 and v4) and YOLOv3 PyTorch.
YOLO v3 Keras TXT
YOLO v4 PyTorch
Darknet TXT annotations used with YOLOv4 PyTorch (deprecated).
YOLO v5 PyTorch
YOLO v7 PyTorch
Tensorflow Object Detection CSV
CSV format used with Tensorflow (usually converted before training so you probably want to export as a TFRecord instead unless you need to inspect the human-readable CSV).
RetinaNet Keras CSV
A custom CSV format used by Keras implementation of RetinaNet.
Multiclass Classification
Converts your object detection dataset into a classification dataset CSV.
OpenAI CLIP Classification
Converts your object detection dataset a classification dataset for use with OpenAI CLIP.
Tensorflow TFRecord


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Preprocessing Options

Applied to all images in dataset

No preprocessing steps were applied.

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Augmentation Options

Randomly applied to images in your training set

No augmentation steps were applied.

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