PKLot Dataset

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Universidade Federal do Parana

January 2021


CC BY 4.0

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Object Detection

Parking Lot Dataset

The PKLot dataset contains 12,416 images of parking lots extracted from surveilance camera frames. There are images on sunny, cloudy, and rainy days and the parking spaces are labeled as occupied or empty. We have converted the original annotations to a variety of standard object detection formats by enclosing a bounding box around the original dataset's rotated rectangle annotations.

Using this Dataset

The PKLot database is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License and may be used provided you acknowledge the source by citing the PKLot paper in publications about your research:

Almeida, P., Oliveira, L. S., Silva Jr, E., Britto Jr, A., Koerich, A., PKLot – A robust dataset for parking lot classification, Expert Systems with Applications, 42(11):4937-4949, 2015.