Thermal Dogs and People Dataset

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Joseph Nelson

May 2020


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About This Dataset

The Roboflow Thermal Dogs and People dataset is a collection of 203 thermal infrared images captured at various distances from people and dogs in a park and near a home. Some images are deliberately unannotated as they do not contain a person or dog (see the Dataset Health Check for more). Images were captured both portrait and landscape. (Roboflow auto-orient assures the annotations align regardless of the image orientation.)

Thermal images were captured using the Seek Compact XR Extra Range Thermal Imaging Camera for iPhone. The selected color palette is Spectra.


This is an example image and annotation from the dataset:
Man and Dog


Thermal images have a wide array of applications: monitoring machine performance, seeing in low light conditions, and adding another dimension to standard RGB scenarios. Infrared imaging is useful in security, wildlife detection,and hunting / outdoors recreation.

This dataset serves as a way to experiment with infrared images in Roboflow. (Or, you could build your own night time pet finder!)

Collecting Custom Data

Roboflow is happy to improve your operations with infrared imaging and computer vision. Services range from data collection to building automated monitoring systems leveraging computer vision. Reach out for more.

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